James Williams is a software engineer and (sometimes) adjunct law professor.  He is in the last year of his PhD in computer science at the University of Toronto under Steve Easterbrook and Mark S. Fox. (Due to delays imposed by COVID, he is also working on an LLM at the University of Washington).

His current research interests involve complex systems sciencealgorithms, and artificial intelligence. Among his other interests are software engineering, privacy, and patent law. At present, he is working on techniques for analyzing urban infrastructure systemsHe has a strong interest in the analysis of socio-technical systems (e.g., legal systems, cities, and financial markets).

He served from 2012-2015 as an adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, teaching privacy law and legal information technology. When he briefly lived in Silicon Valley he was a visiting lecturer at Stanford Law School and the Stanford Design School, helping out Margaret Hagan with her legal design course.

As a software engineer, he has worked for a variety of companies, including Google, Foundation 9 Entertainment, and Black Box Games. He has also served as a project manager for Maximus and the Vancouver Island Health Authority, as well as a privacy expert for the Ontario Telemedicine Network and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. His startup experience includes Factory1Games (Vancouver) and Zero Sum Software (Boston).

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