James Williams is a software engineer who currently resides in Seattle, Washington.  He has over a decade of professional work experience in the areas of software engineering, information systems security and privacy law. In addition to consulting for companies like Health Canada, Blue Pebble and Google, he is a PhD candidate in computer science at the University of Toronto under Steve Easterbrook.

His main research interests involve algorithms, simulation, machine learning and multi-agent systems. Among his other interests are software engineering, computability/complexity, and scientific computing. At present, he is working on algorithms and methodologies for simulating complex adaptive systems. Application domains of interest include legal systems, urban infrastructure and financial markets.

He was recently an adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, where he taught privacy law and legal information technology. In 2015 he was a visiting lecturer Stanford Law School and the Stanford Design School, helping out Margaret Hagan with her legal design course. He is currently working with the Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine on applications of cryptography to data sharing.

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