Papers In Progress

Computer Science:

James Williams, Foundations of Data Unrealization, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (on hold).

James Williams, Computational Sustainability – Current Research and Future Directions, (in progress).

James Williams, Selfish Dynamic Level of Detail Algorithms for Surface Approximation,  (on hold).

James Williams, Some Results on Binary Triangle Trees for Computer Graphics, (on hold).

City Science:

James Williams, Steve Easterbrook, Model Integration Techniques: Lessons from Climate Modeling, Technical Report for the iCity Project, Summer 2016 (in progress).

James Williams, Understanding Urban Infrastructure Resilience: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities, International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection (under review as of Summer 2016).

James Williams, Resilience in Networks: A Literature Review, (on hold).

Law / Policy:

James Williams, Darin Thompson, Alexandra Grishanova, Lisa Hartman, A Taxonomy of Legal Information Technology, International Journal of Law and Information Technology (in progress, target June 2015).

James Williams, A Challenge to Data Protection: Privacy Implications of Data Mining and Machine Learning Artifacts, Osgoode Hall IP Journal, intended (on hold).

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