Unpublished Works

James Williams, An Optimized Ray Intersection Algorithm for Binary Triangle Tree Surface Approximations, 2002.

James Williams, Craig Kuziemsky, Tort Law and Collaborative Care Delivery, Health Law Journal (intended), 2011.

James Williams, Craig Kuziemsky, Collaboration Engineering: A Research Agenda, 2012.

Sarah Jackson, James Williams, Rachel Forbes, Andrew Newcombe, Insurance in a Climate of Change, ArcticNet 4.8: Strengthening Climate Cooperation, Compliance & Coherence. (unpublished, 2008, University of Victoria Faculty of Law).

James Williams, The Insurance Industry and Climate ChangeMajor Paper for the Juris Doctor (JD) program, University of VIctoria (supervised by Andrew Newcombe).

Graduate Course Projects:

James Williams, Engineering Resilient Systems of Systems, Course Project for DGC2003: Complex Systems (Easterbrook), Toronto, 2013.

James Williams, Optimal Task Allocation with Selfish Processors, Course Project for CSC2534: Decision Making under Uncertainty, (Boutilier), Toronto, 2013.

James Williams, A  Comparative Analysis of Transport and Earth System Models, Course Project for CSC2602: Computational Models of Climate Change, (Easterbrook), Toronto, 2013.

James Williams, Intensional Logic and Game Theory, Course Project for CS571, Directed Graduate Studies, (Kapron), UVic, 2009.

James Williams, Attacks on Statistical Databases, Course Project for CS586E, Software Security Assurance, (Weber-Jahnke), UVic, 2008.

James Williams, Radiosity Rendering, Course Project for CPSC 5XX, Image Based Rendering, (Heidrich), UBC, 2001.

James Williams, Intervisibility in Terrains, Course Project for CPSC 5XX, Computational Geometry, (Kirkpatrick), UBC, 2001.

James Williams, Spatial Models and Emergence, Course Project for PHIL 583, Computational Social Science (Danielson), UBC, 1999.

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